Ethics Answers

Ethics Answers | July/August 2019

Question: I work in the political section at a U.S. Mission to an international organization and because I negotiate routinely at the international organization, I have a “delegate” badge for it. A local art...
Ethics Answers

Ethics Answers | June 2019

Question: May post promise to thank Fourth of July donors for their donations by inviting them to the embassy for a networking event with embassy personnel and selected host-country business and government leaders?   Answer: No. Promising...
Ethics Answers

Ethics Answers | March 2019

Question: I am nearing retirement and am considering enrolling as a reemployed annuitant (WAE/REA) to do part-time work for a bureau. Would the ethics rules apply to me? If so, how?   Answer: As soon as...
Ethics Answers

Ethics Answers | May 2019

Question: I’m an FS-03 stationed abroad and my alma mater has invited me to campus to speak at a career day about how I transitioned from the private sector to government service. They offered to...
Ethics Answers

Ethics Answers | April 2019

Question: During the government shutdown due to the lapse in appropriations, I considered finding a temporary job. Would the ethics rules have permitted me to do so?  Answer: All Department employees are subject to the...
Ethics Answers

Ethics Answers | February 2019

Question: I’m a management officer, and recently, I have had several annual financial disclosure filers tell me that the passwords they used last year for the online financial disclosure system don’t work this year. What...

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