On March 20, 1947, the first Foreign Service News Letter was published by the office of the Director General of the United States Foreign Service. This monthly publication’s purpose was to “acquaint members of the Foreign Service with plans and developments of interest to or which may affect operations or personnel in the field.”

A Department Notice dated April 21, 1961, announced that “the Foreign Service News Letter, formerly published by the Director General of the Foreign Service, will be retitled the Department of State News Letter, effective with the issue of May 15, 1961.” In its new format, the publication was intended to “acquaint the Department’s officers and employees, at home and abroad, with developments of interest which may affect operations or personnel.”

The final issue of the Department of State News Letter was published in December, 1980, and was immediately succeeded by the January, 1981, publication of State. In 1996, with the June/July issue, the publication changed its name to State Magazine.

Citing fiscal, environmental and communication benefits, State Magazine transitioned to a dynamic, digital-only, multimedia publication available online and via mobile app on web-enabled devices, beginning with the October 2015 issue.

Expanding on the benefits of digital multimedia, State Magazine transitioned to its current online platform with the August 2019 issue. The publication’s adaptable website is desktop, tablet and mobile accessible while enhancing 508 compliance.

Editorial Team

Isaac D. Pacheco
Amanda R. McCarthy
Multimedia Editor
Luis A. Jimenez, Jr.
Art Director
Mahvish Khan
Production Editor

State Magazine
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State Magazine is published monthly by the Bureau of Global Talent Management at the U.S. Department of State. It is intended for information only and is not authority for official action. Views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Department of State. The editorial team reserves the right to select and edit all materials for publication.

For details on submitting articles to State Magazine, request guidelines by email at statemagazine@state.gov.

State Magazine does not purchase freelance material.

Editorial Contributions

Unsolicited artwork and manuscripts are not accepted, and publisher assumes no responsibility for return or safety of unsolicited artwork, photographs, or manuscripts. Query letters may be addressed to the multimedia editor or statemagazine@state.gov.

Post of the Month maps are produced by the Office of the Geographer and Global Issues.

All captioning and transcription is provided by the Video Captioning @ State Program in the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations.