Selfie booth provides quick, official-type photos

The Office of General Services Management announced the opening of the new U.S. flag self service photo booth, or selfie booth, for Department of State employees in need of an official-type photo, July 31. Located in room 2612A in the Harry S Truman Building, the selfie booth is set up so individuals can use their work or personal phone to take a selfie which includes a backdrop and the U.S. flag. “There has always been a need for folks that don’t qualify for official portraits to get their own official-type photo,” said George McNamara, chief of the Media Services Division. “We started setting up the selfie booth in early July and folks that saw us were all excited. Within the first week we had about 25 people use the booth. And since, nearly 200 people have used the space.” State Magazine Multimedia Editor Amanda McCarthy recently visited the space to test it out. The selfie booth is available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The key to the room is available at the Employee Service Center reception desk (2609A). Watch a demo video (internal link) on how to use the booth.

Photo by State Magazine

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