USNS Trenton celebrates U.S. and Algerian independence days in Algiers

American military vessel USNS Trenton sailed into the harbor of Algiers, July 4, to celebrate the anniversaries of both U.S. and Algerian independence, highlighting America’s increasingly important partnership with Algeria—Africa’s largest nation and a growing regional power. The visit celebrated U.S. independence while also feting Algeria’s national day, which falls on July 5. Algerian and American military musicians performed at a reception on the vessel, which was attended by Ambassador Elizabeth Aubin (front left) and her husband Daniel Aubin (front right). The occasion marked 61 years of Algerian independence and reciprocated the 2012 visit by Algerian Naval Ship Soummam to New York to celebrate Algeria’s 50th anniversary. The shared history of the two nations goes beyond their common independence month: it was Algeria that negotiated the final release in 1979 of the American hostages held in Iran. Embassy Algiers continues to work closely with its hosts to promote regional stability, advance economic development, and strengthen people-to-people ties.

Photo by Maureen Roland

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