Embassy Kingston gathering mitigates threats against LGBTQI+ community

Following a violent attack against a visiting American who fell victim to a scam on the dating app Grindr, Embassy Kingston’s Regional Security Office took action to mitigate the threats against the local and American LGBTQI+ community. The embassy initiated a gathering between Grindr representatives, local LGBTQI+ advocacy groups, Jamaican government and law enforcement, and embassy officials, Jan. 25. Embassy Kingston’s whole-of-mission proactive approach to combat the scourge of dating app-based attacks is a crucial step forward in ensuring the safety and security of LGBTQI+ Americans and Jamaicans alike. After the meeting, Embassy Kingston staff posed with the Pride flag, from left: Wesley Collins, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Council vice-chair; Briana Jones, DEIA chair; Nicole Weber, political-economic counselor; Ambassador N. Nick Perry; Deputy Chief of Mission Amy Tachco; Regional Security Officer Christian Ehrhardt; and Assistant Regional Security Officer Ian MacKenzie.

Photo by Bobby Adelson Jr.

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