Award winners stand for the national anthem at the awards ceremony at the Harry S Truman Building. Dec. 7, 2022. State Department photo

By Mahvish S. Khan

The Bureau of Global Talent Management’s (GTM) Office of Performance Evaluation (PE) hosted the Annual Department of State Awards Ceremony in the Dean Acheson Auditorium at the Harry S Truman Building, Dec. 7, 2022. The ceremony was also available virtually via BNET and Zoom. 

PE Director Lisa Vickers introduced the winners, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken presented the awards to honor the achievements of domestic and overseas employees at all levels who uphold tenets of the Department’s leadership and management principles and supported the mission on the front lines of the diplomatic corps.

The 2022 event was the first time since the pandemic that people could receive their awards in person. It was also the first hybrid Department awards ceremony. 

In her remarks, Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Global Talent Marcia Bernicat lauded the work of the award recipients. 

“Each winner, runner-up, and nominee upheld the Department’s leadership and management principles, and advanced the Department’s mission with great distinction,” she said. 

Former ambassadors, as well as current and former senior leaders, donors, sponsors, and representatives from the Locally Employed Staff Advocacy Council also attended the ceremony in person. 

Blinken spoke highly of the award recipients who represented the Foreign and Civil Services, as well as Foreign Service nationals. 

“Each of them represents the finest traditions of American diplomacy, and—through the innovation, ingenuity, and vision that they are bringing to their work—the future of our diplomacy as well,” he said. Noting the impact of employees on American diplomacy, he added that the awardees remind him that, “the success of our foreign policy is rooted in our workforce.” 

Some award winners also had their family members present at the event. Blinken thanked them as well. 

“Without you, very simply, the work wouldn’t be possible. The support that each of you has given to your loved ones—that is service too, and I am grateful for it,” he said. 

Finally, the secretary emphasized that the awards ceremony would not have been possible without the donors and sponsors, some of whom were able to attend. They included former ambassadors and senior leaders whose names are now associated with some of the Department’s most prestigious awards. 

Mahvish S. Khan is the production editor of State Magazine. 

2022 Department State Award Winners (Click name to view)

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Isa Adamu 
Foreign Service National of the Year Award (AF)

For sustained superior performance as Embassy Yaoundé’s security coordinator, and for his efforts to support a safe and secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy, foster relationships and build teams that increase the mission security, and shepherd the embassy community in times of need. 

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Mahabat Alymkulova
Swanee Hunt Award for Advancing Women’s Role in Policy Formulation

For a transformative approach to gender in the Kyrgyz Republic, and significant advancement of Kyrgyz women’s roles in policy making and advocacy across the country.

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Bonnie A. Angelov 
Foreign Service Office Management Specialist of the Year Award

For courageous service and extraordinary commitment to the Afghanistan relocation efforts in Embassy Kabul, Hamid Karzai International Airport, Fort McCoy, and the Office of the Coordinator for Afghanistan Relocation Efforts.  

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Monica S. Bland
Warren Christopher Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Affairs

For sustained excellence, initiative, and leadership of the interagency as strategy team lead to improve rule of law, human rights, civilian security, counter narcotics cooperation, climate change resilience, foreign assistance, and other efforts to address the drivers of irregular migration from Central America, a top Biden-Harris Administration priority.  

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Megan Bouldin
Keith J. Krach Award for Excellence in Economic Security

For leadership and creativity in advancing U.S. economic security to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s brutal invasion, building interagency consensus on key aspects of U.S. economic assistance to Ukraine, and strengthening supply chains to provide critical assistance to Ukraine during the war.   

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Thomas Scott Brown
Sean Smith Technology Innovation Award

For leadership of Consular Team Germany’s TechLab innovation hub, introducing practical efficiencies that bring significant gains to the customer experience, and enhancing employee effectiveness that impact both the Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Department of State’s worldwide enterprise.  

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Victoria M. Cedeno
Runner-Up for Excellence in Labor Diplomacy

For building an innovative U.S.-Argentine labor cooperation agenda that protected workers and enabled mission-wide progress on other foreign policy objectives.

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Jason R. Coleman
Chief Financial Officer’s Award for Distinction in Public Finance (Domestic)

In recognition of exceptional leadership and innovative interagency financial management in support of the administration’s goal of safely evacuating U.S. citizens, locally employed staff, and vulnerable Afghans during the historical relocation effort.

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Maureen M. Danzot
Luther I. Replogle Award for Management Improvement

For ensuring operations continued while preparing for contingencies in an uncertain time, fulfilling the Department of State’s and White House’s goal of safely evacuating U.S. citizens as the U.S. ended its historic two-decade presence in Afghanistan.  

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Miguel A. Danzot
General Services Officer of the Year Award 

For exemplified leadership and dedication to his management of the historic and dramatic end to the 20-year presence in Kabul. An advocate of contingency planning, a leader during the evacuation of thousands, and a champion for evacuees once out of Kabul.

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Joshua “J.R.” deLara
Director General’s Award for Impact and Originality in Reporting

For timely, insightful reporting that informed and drove U.S. policy towards Russia and resulted in new ways for the U.S. government to reach the Russian people under challenging conditions following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.   

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Christopher D. Easley
Contracting Officer’s Representative of the Year

For taking the lead to find solutions that will save lives in the future and ensure staff have safe and comfortable quarters in Baghdad for years to come after being faced with drone attacks and apartment fires. 

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Donna L. Edmonds
Chief Financial Officer’s Award for Distinction in Public Finance (Overseas)

For exceptional service, innovation, and leadership as Embassy Kabul’s financial management officer as she persevered through the pandemic, military departure, rapid evacuation, and follow-up to provide extraordinary support to the embassy team, especially dispossessed Afghan colleagues.

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Emily M. Fleckner 
James Clement Dunn Award for Excellence

For exceptional performance as the long-term chargé d’affaires following the ambassador’s death, reversing a decades-old discrimination against America’s female diplomats, promoting LGBTQ+ rights in one of the world’s most repressive regimes, and helping persuade Brunei Darussalam, as the Association of southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) chair, to exclude Burma’s regime leaders from ASEAN summits.   

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Gregory A. Floyd
Mary A. Ryan Award for Outstanding Public Service

For unparalleled dedication to serving the American people in the most trying circumstances before, during, and after the evacuation from Afghanistan.

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Evan W. Fox
Keith J. Krach Award for Excellence in Economic Security (1st Runner Up)

For profound skill in identifying threats to America’s economic interests, creativity in launching programs and partnerships to advance economic security, and dexterity in working with Thailand to promote broader economic interests across the region.

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Matthew A. Fullerton  
Herbert Salzman Award for Excellence in International Economic Performance

For exceptional work in helping to shape U.S. policy on European Union digital, trade, and technology legislation that could define the global operating rules for the digital age, thereby advancing U.S. national security and economic goals while protecting U.S. businesses and consumers.   

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Ileana Gamboa
Foreign Service National Financial Management Award

For sustained exemplary leadership of the financial management section in Embassy San Jose.

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Ralph A. Gaspard II 
Arnold L. Raphel Memorial Award

For exemplary service and dedication to advancing the professional development of entry- and mid-level officers in Mission Thailand and across the Asian and Australian continents.  

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Bassem H. Hamed
Director General’s Award for Excellence in Human Resources (LE Staff)

For exceptional initiative, leadership, and dedication that positively impacted Mission Cairo’s operations and morale.

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Michael A. Hammer
Charles E. Cobb Award for Initiative and Success in Trade Development

For determined and proactive advocacy for American businesses and successfully advancing economic reforms contributing to a dramatic and historic rise in bilateral trade, including a very substantial increase in U.S. exports to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and for leading anti-corruption efforts aimed at providing the DRC an opportunity to realize its vast potential.

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John P. Hesford
Secretary’s Award for Excellence in International Security Affairs (Runner-Up) 

For exceptional leadership, effective policy judgment, and creativity in implementing the Australia, United Kingdom, and U.S. trilateral security partnership, a once-in-a-generation initiative to provide Australia with nuclear-propelled submarines, cement our edge in critical defense technologies, and forge effective deterrence in the Indo-Pacific.

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Laura L. Hochla
Rockwell Anthony Schnabel Award for Advancing U.S.–EU Relations

For her work building the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council—including by forging U.S. interagency consensus on the structure and scope of the body that is writing rules for the modern global economy that are grounded in democratic values.

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Kathryn E. Insley
Edward J. Perkins Memorial Award for Senior Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion 

In recognition of outstanding leadership of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation’s efforts to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

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Ogniana Ivanova-Sriram
Barbara M. Watson Award for Consular Excellence

For extraordinary commitment to helping thousands of U.S. citizens depart Ukraine before the Russian invasion and her innovative, expeditionary diplomacy, especially for children born of surrogacy, in the initial weeks of war. 

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Brandon J. Jackson
Award for Excellence in Labor Diplomacy

For exceptional interagency leadership and substantive policy contributions to advance U.S. labor priorities across Southern Africa, and for ensuring integration of these critical issues into cross-cutting U.S. government actions and investments.  

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Christopher Julius
Michael Bretz IT Service Delivery Award

For his superior leadership and proactive attitude in providing the best customer service for Mission Croatia. His accomplishments modernized Embassy Zagreb’s IT infrastructure and saved the Department of State thousands of potential dollars, allowing mission priorities to be carried out more securely and efficiently.

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Yuri Kim
Swanee Hunt Award for Advancing Women’s Role in Policy Formulation

For bold leadership on advancing women’s equality and equity through diplomacy at Embassy Tirana.  

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Mary Knapp
Director General’s Award for Excellence in Human Resources (Human Resources Officers)

For leading Embassy Moscow’s human resources (HR) team through a tumultuous period in U.S.-Russian relations, transforming HR services, and innovating operations to bolster morale.

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Kristina Kvien
Ryan C. Crocker Award for Outstanding Leadership in Expeditionary Diplomacy

For outstanding leadership as chargé d’affaires in Kyiv, protecting and promoting U.S. interests during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  

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Daniel B. Langenkamp 
Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Public Diplomacy

For exceptional performance in the United States’ public diplomacy and strategic communications efforts before and during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

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Paul Long
Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer of the Year

For outstanding performance, leadership, expertise, and accomplishments that led to the development, implementation, and improvement of safety programs throughout all posts in Mission Mexico, while also providing feedback and outcomes used to influence and improve the program at the Department of State level.

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Sergio A. Lopez
Foreign Service National of the Year Award, Finalist (WHA) 

For innovative leadership in promoting efficient consular services for immigrants in Mexico and around the world, reuniting thousands of families and protecting U.S. borders.

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Alexander V. Lozenko
Global Foreign Service National of the Year Award (EUR)

For sustained exceptional performance to Embassy Kyiv, supporting personnel and U.S. objectives leading up to and during Russia’s war on Ukraine. Through his leadership, initiative, and bravery, he played an instrumental role in maintaining the safety and security of all U.S. mission staff during this crisis.

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David Meale
James A. Baker Award for Outstanding Deputy Chief of Mission

For outstanding leadership as deputy chief of mission and chargé d’affaires of Mission China from 2021-2022.

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Charles “Rick” Melton
Information Systems Security Officer of the Year

For his outstanding performance as Mission France’s information systems security officer.

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Lisa A. Meyers
Secretary’s Award for Excellence in International Security Affairs

For creativity and innovation in enhancing the Department of State’s ability to counter key nuclear technical advances by countries of nuclear proliferation concern, thus depriving adversaries and advancing U.S. interests around the world.  

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Malika K. Oshurbekova
Foreign Service National of the Year Award, Runner Up (SCA) 

For building an international coalition to integrate Afghan refugees into their Tajik community and empowering them through public diplomacy programs.

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Brenda Ou Yang
Foreign Service National Financial Management Award

For sustained superior performance as Embassy Kabul’s financial specialist through the pandemic, military departure, rapid evacuation, and follow-up to provide extraordinary support to the embassy’s financial operations. 

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Hilde L. Pearson
One Team Award

In recognition of exceptional professionalism, integrity, leadership, courage, and teamwork as the general services officer supporting Embassy Kabul’s evacuation.

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Dean M. Phillip
Special Agent Daniel E. O’Connor Memorial Award for Excellence in Site Security Management

For sustained outstanding performance and innovative leadership as site security manager at the new consulate compound project in Erbil, Iraq. His efforts created a more secure work environment for the entire Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations new consulate compound community, effectuating a more comfortable and confident workforce.

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Arun L. Pinto
Foreign Service National of the Year Award, Finalist (NEA) 

For performance beyond the call of duty, exhibiting superior leadership and courage in crisis and taking exceptional initiative to promote welfare and morale at Embassy Kuwait. 

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Geoffrey R. Pyatt
Cordell Hull Award for Economic Achievement by Senior Officers

For leadership, advocacy, and creative thinking in advancing U.S. economic objectives in Greece and beyond.

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Abraham Reyes
Foreign Service Construction Engineer of the Year

For his performance in creating and sustaining an effective construction management program. 

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Raymond J. Romano 
Robert C. Bannerman Diplomatic Security Employee of the Year Award

For poise, leadership, and grace under fire in orchestrating the Department of State’s response to its most complex cyber-attack in recent history, and his continual efforts to boost the Department’s overall cyber posture at a functional and policy level.

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Carmen M. Saprissa
Frank E. Loy Award for Environmental Diplomacy

For sustained excellence and unfailing determination in coordinating complex diplomatic negotiations across multiple agencies and offices to reach the successful conclusion of a $20 million bilateral debt swap agreement to strengthen grassroots environmental protection efforts in El Salvador. 

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Jaime R. Scarpatti 
Thomas Morrison Information Management Award

In recognition of ensuring the Department of State’s ability to provide information technology platforms and services for new communications, security, and other assets as U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan.  

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Jason W. Sheets 
Leamon R. Hunt Award for Management Excellence

For outstanding leadership of Embassy Moscow’s management team during a period of extraordinarily difficult challenges and crises, resulting in efficiency and effectiveness of the mission.

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Joshua Y. Shen
Edward J. Perkins Memorial Award for Outstanding Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion 

For leadership, ingenuity, resilience, allyship, and courage that resulted in transformational changes in the assignment restrictions process, ensuring unbiased employment opportunities for all Department of State colleagues.

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Kato D. Smith
David E. Foy Memorial Award for Excellence in Facility Management

For his superb management, foresight, innovation, and exceptional leadership of a huge facility management operation at Embassy Moscow amidst COVID-19 restrictions and outside limitations.

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John D. Tuminaro
Bureau of International Organization Affairs Excellence in Multilateral Diplomacy Award

For extraordinary leadership in advancing U.S. multilateral diplomacy and collaboration in the United Nations system to address an unprecedented global food insecurity crisis by mobilizing billions in food assistance, building coalitions to hold Russia’s war in Ukraine accountable for exacerbating food insecurity, catalyzing the Black Sea Grain Initiative to ensure safe passage for grain to reach developing countries, and saving lives worldwide.    

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Xu Wang
Foreign Service National of the Year Award, Finalist (EAP) 

For her role in facilitating a memorandum of understanding that was critical to ensuring the safety and security of Team USA during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games despite a hostile bilateral relationship and diplomatic boycott by the United States.

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Justyna Wojtylak
Haydee Martinez Memorial Award for POSHO Assistant

For her incredible performance and leadership as the assistant post occupational safety and health officer. Her ongoing positive efforts have had a profound impact on the health and welfare of everyone within Mission Poland.

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Fiscal Year 2022 Presidential Rank Award 

Recipients for the Civil Service and Foreign Service

The Presidential Rank Award honors high-performing senior career employees for exceptional performance and sustained accomplishment. Winners of these awards have made significant and lasting contributions to the agency’s effectiveness and consistently demonstrate integrity, industry, and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service.

Distinguished Executive Winners 

C.S. Eliot Kang 

Distinguished Foreign Service Winners

John R. Bass
David M. Hale
Sung Y. Kim

Daniel J. Kritenbrink
Kristina Kvien
Brian A. Nichols

Larry G. Padget
Dorothy C. Shea
Daniel B. Smith

Meritorious Executive Winners

Sherry M. Hannah
Robert K. Harris

Nancy Izzo Jackson
Anne Joyce

Jeanne M. Juliao
Alexandra H. Perin

Meritorious Foreign Service Winners

Randy W. Berry 
Ian G. Brownlee 
Kate M. Byrnes 
Todd C. Chapman 
W. Brent Christensen 
Mark J. Cohen 
Kelly C. Degnan 
Nina M. Fite 
Jonathan Fritz 
Robert F. Godec 
Philip S. Goldberg 
Michael C. Gonzales 
Bartle B. Gorman 
Jennifer Hall-Godfrey

Michael A. Hammer 
Dennis B. Hankins 
Michael G. Heath 
Yuri Kim 
Karin M. King 
Michael S. Klecheski 
Steven C. Koutsis 
Scot A. Marciel 
Wade C. Martin 
Glenn W. Miller 
Eric G. Nelson 
Richard D. Otto 
William W. Popp 
Jonathan G. Pratt

Lonnie J. Price 
Geoffrey R. Pyatt 
Greg A. Sherman 
Brian W. Shukan 
Michele J. Sison 
Hanscom Smith 
Martina A. Strong 
Matthew H. Tueller 
Bruce I. Turner 
Peter H. Vrooman 
Joanne Wagner 
Scott N. Weinhold 
Joseph M. Young 
Todd R. Ziccarelli

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