Embassy Prague mailroom clerk honored for 50 years of service

Embassy Prague honored locally employed staff member Miroslav Bartunek (left) with a Certificate of Appreciation for 50 years of service presented by Ambassador Michael J. Dodman (right), chargé d’affaires to U.S. Embassy Prague, during a ceremony, August 4. Bartunek has worked in the embassy’s mailroom for the past 15 years, and previously served as an embassy driver—even driving for Ambassador Shirley Temple Black during her tenure in 1974-1976. At the ceremony, Bartunek stated that his most memorable event during the last 50 years was the Velvet Revolution in the final months of 1989, which ended more than 40 years of Communist rule, and marked the beginning of improving the quality of life in the country. 

Photo by Brian H. Neely

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