Embassy Bujumbura promotes socio-economic empowerment

Ambassador Melanie Higgins (front, third from left) joined program participants at the Ministry of Gender and U.N. Population Fund in the official launch of the “Nje Mu Bandi” Center in Burundi, March 25. The Center is a reintegration program, where victims of gender-based violence develop the skills needed for financial independence. Through the program—funded via a public diplomacy small program grant—women and girls learn entrepreneurship skills enabling participants to gain the economic independence needed to escape abusive situations. In the first quarter of 2022, more than 60 women and girls participated in the program, 43 trained in entrepreneurship and financial literacy, and 17 trained in sewing skills. Additionally, the Center also addresses the medical needs of victims of gender-based violence. 

Photo courtesy of Embassy Bujumbura

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