Embassy partners with Special Olympics to bolster solidarity in Burkina Faso

Embassy Ouagadougou recently partnered with Burkina Faso’s Special Olympics Committee on an eighteen-month campaign to promote inclusion of individuals with disabilities through sports. The campaign will introduce Burkinabé journalists and other media influencers to Special Olympics athletes to highlight their stories through media reporting and increased coverage on athletes with disabilities. “All this began with a will to do more, and a desire to not be counted out,” said Burkina Faso’s Special Olympics President Annick Pikbougoum during a session with journalists, March 19. The Special Olympics campaign will feature athletes from every region in the country and will also serve to use sports as a unifying theme in a country confronting the threat from violent extremism. This combined effort strives to inspire people in a time of hardship by highlighting their stories.

Photo courtesy of the Special Olympic Committee of Burkina Faso

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