Migrant youth revives Little League in Chile

Nearly 450,000 Venezuelans—driven from their country by political turmoil, socio-economic instability, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis there—have sought refuge in Chile in recent years. One of the cultural treasures the migrants have brought with them is their love of baseball. This has led to a revival in the popularity of Little League throughout the country, which provides important extracurricular and social opportunities for vulnerable migrant youth. The sport is helping Venezuelan youths to better acclimate to Chile and providing them with opportunities to constructively interact with Chileans in their new communities. Recently, joined by officials from the mayor’s office, Embassy Santiago Chargé d’Affaires Richard Glenn (right) and his wife Holly (left) inaugurated a new Little League field while meeting with Little Leaguers, including Alafim Rodríguez (center), in the Metro Santiago town of Lo Prado. The local league serves players from three to 12 years old, the majority of whom are Venezuelan and Colombian migrants.

Photo by Astrid Espinoza

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