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By Amanda J. Richard

Each and every day, Foreign Service nationals (FSNs) provide invaluable support to U.S. diplomatic missions around the world. Their institutional knowledge and contributions are a significant part of the framework that enables and enhances America’s bilateral relations. The FSN of the Year Award is the Department of State’s most prestigious award for locally employed staff, honoring the value of their work in accomplishing and exceeding Department and USG foreign policy goals and objectives. Six individuals were chosen, one from each regional bureau, that represent an unwavering commitment to service. From their work forging partnerships and cooperation, to advancing U.S. national security objectives, to making personal sacrifices to keep American citizens safe, the winners truly embody honor, courage, and excellence. 

In an unprecedented and difficult year exacerbated by a harrowing global pandemic, FSNs went above the call of duty to help the Department overcome challenges and keep missions running. Their dedication to their work, their colleagues, U.S. citizens, and their missions is the definition of nobility and is worthy of the highest esteem. 

Amanda J. Richard is the multimedia editor of State Magazine.

FSN Award Winner Gallery

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