Recognizing outstanding public diplomacy initiatives

The Public Diplomacy Association of America (PDAA)—a not-for-profit, voluntary association of public diplomacy professionals—announced the winners of its annual awards for excellence in public diplomacy by honoring individuals who demonstrated outside-the-box thinking, deep understanding of their audiences, and superb leadership abilities to advance U.S. foreign policy objectives. One of the four winners was Meghan Luckett, an assistant public affairs officer from Embassy Vilnius, for countering false Russian narratives that sought to undermine democratic success in Lithuania. The embassy held an outdoor concert in Nov. 2019, which served as a centerpiece for their public diplomacy campaign. Other winners of the PDAA award included Zennia Panganini from Embassy Riyadh, Riad Yazbeck from Embassy Beirut, and public affairs section Embassy Luanda. More about the winners and PDAA can be found on PDAA’s website.

Photo courtesy of Lithuanian Radio and Television

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