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Department’s 2019 award recipients demonstrate leadership and strength

2019 Award Winners

2019 Award Winners Citations

George E. Glass

Sue M. Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service
For extraordinary vision, tremendous policy impact, and commitment to management excellence in his leadership of Mission Portugal.

Chungsil “Sil” Hamilton

Mary L. Dubose Civil Service Secretary of the Year Award
For outstanding contributions to American foreign policy objectives and for superb management of complex negotiations reflecting the epitome of high standards of dedication, skills, and impact of the civil service secretary.

E. Cameron Jones

Herbert Salzman Award for Excellence in International Economic Performance
For exceptional impact in advancing a top U.S. foreign policy priority of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula through incisive reporting on economic conditions in North Korea that shaped senior U.S. leaders’ views, implementation of effective sanctions enforcement, and vital contributions to two historic U.S.-North Korea summits.

Devin J. Kennington

Barbara A. Watson Award for Consular Excellence
For dramatically improving the consular operation in Djibouti, strengthening U.S. border security, and enabling thousands of Yemeni-American families that were previously separated by war and humanitarian disaster to reunite.

John V. Kent

Foreign Service Construction Engineer of the Year
For creating and sustaining an effective construction management program based on his superior leadership and accomplishments in construction project management.

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