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Department’s 2019 award recipients demonstrate leadership and strength

2019 Award Winners

2019 Award Winners Citations

Timmy T. Davis

Ryan C. Crocker Award for Outstanding Leadership in Expeditionary Diplomacy
For outstanding leadership, policy coordination, and esprit de corps during the ordered departure of all employees from Consulate General Basrah.

Carrie A. Denver

Robert C. Frasure Memorial Award
For extraordinary efforts to secure humanitarian assistance for hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Afghans and to improve Afghan government performance in providing services for its most vulnerable citizens.

Akram Elfeki

Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer of the Year
In recognition of his sustained diligent leadership at Cape Town’s Post Occupational Safety and Health Office (POSHO), markedly improving safety at post. While supporting the secretary’s health and safety priorities, he reduced motor vehicle mishaps and conducted effective POSHO certifications for the entire housing pool.

Nina M. Fite

Charles E. Cobb Jr. Award for Initiative and Success in Trade Development
For stellar advocacy of U.S. exports and jobs, tireless support of U.S. companies large and small, and implementation of a multi-pronged strategy that resulted in more than $2 billion in the new U.S. contracts in a calendar year.

Agata Fitzpatrick

L. Nicholas Ruwe Eligible Family Member of the Year Award
For outstanding work that directly saved the lives of young U.S. citizens in Somalia who were subject to radicalization and for leadership of the Locally Employed (LE) staff during a period of uncertainty following the sudden departure of the LE supervisor.

Jeffrey Giauque

Rockwell Anthony Schnabel Award for Advancing U.S.-EU Relations
For outstanding leadership of the Department’s Office of European Union and Regional Affairs and shaping U.S. engagement with the European Union to advance the most important interest of the United States.

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