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Department’s 2019 award recipients demonstrate leadership and strength

2019 Award Winners

2019 Award Winners Citations

Alexander T. Bryan

Director General’s Award for Impact and Originality in Reporting
For creativity, conviction, and clarity in reporting which built the foundation for U.S. strategy for international engagement on digital taxation and catalyzed collaboration between U.S. missions and the U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (USOECD) which helped improve U.S. advocacy on key issues at the USOECD.

Serhiy Buchel

Foreign Service National Financial Management Award
In recognition of remarkable achievements in improving embassy financial operations while simultaneously evolving processes to accommodate the explosive Mission growth required to help defend and reform Ukraine during an ongoing war and the related surge of U.S. assistance to the government of Ukraine.

Santiago M. Burciaga

One Team Award
For exceptional leadership, especially during difficult circumstances and for fostering a “One Team” environment at the El Paso Passport Agency.

Songmeng Chea

Foreign Service National of the Year (EAP)
In recognition of the substantial contributions made in furthering the Department’s strategic goals in Cambodia and those specific to the assistant regional security officer Investigator Program.

Jeanie Clayton

Chief Financial Officer’s Award for Distinction in Public Finance Overseas
For promoting U.S. policy goals while demonstrating exceptional performance and greatly improving financial operations at the third-largest embassy in the European region, and for dramatically reducing the financial risk involved in supporting Mission Ukraine and its host nation’s European aspirations.

Maegan Conklin

Bureau of International Organization Affairs’ Excellence in Multilateral Diplomacy Award
For outstanding professional skills in advancing and defending the foreign policy objectives of the United States in the United Nations system.

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