Secretary Pompeo unveils Ethos initiative

At the One Team, One Mission: Introducing our Ethos announcement, April 26, in the C Street lobby of HST, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unveiled an inspirational, aspirational and unifying statement that is made up of eight parts—championship, diplomacy, American people, oath to the Constitution, professionalism, integrity, responsibility and respect. 

“We want to define the Ethos of people who have given their lives to serve in this incredibly important place. It’s an effort to make sure that—the effort—the work that we do has a really strong foundation, to make sure we’ve all got the same idea about the way we go about doing our jobs,” said Pompeo. DGHR Carol Perez also spoke at the event saying, “We are ‘One Team, One Mission,’ and Ethos is a way for us to recognize those members of our team that are supporting this one mission.”            

Video by State Magazine

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