Ethics Answers | February 2019

Ethics Answers

Question: I’m a management officer, and recently, I have had several annual financial disclosure filers tell me that the passwords they used last year for the online financial disclosure system don’t work this year. What should I tell them?  

Department filers submit either the Public Financial Disclosure Form (OGE Form 278) or the Confidential Financial Disclosure Form (OGE Form 450). Until recently, the Department used one online system, the Financial Disclosure Management System (FDM), for both types of reports. Now, however, OGE 450 filers will continue using FDM while all OGE 278 filers will use a new system——to submit their reports. 

FDM passwords expire every 60 days, which explains the comments you have received from your coworkers. Since OGE 450 filers access the program annually, passwords will need to be reset each year. OGE 450 filers using FDM should request new passwords by submitting an automated request through IT Service Center. 

OGE 278 filers will be able to log into in two ways—using a username and password or using their Department PIV cards. Employees using will receive automatic notices when their passwords are close to expiring. Integrity filers can reset passwords by selecting Forgot, Set, or Change Your Password on the login screen. Those using their Department PIV do not need to worry about expiring passwords—they can continue to log in as long as their card is valid. Overseas users of SNAP Cards can use that identification to log in as well, but please contact your management official so that the Local Registration Authority can update the certificates on your card.

As a reminder, Annual Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE 450) are due Feb. 15 and Annual Public Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE 278) are due May 15. These reports cover calendar year 2018.

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